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How Do I Order?

You can navigate trough the pages in our web site and take screenshot of the items you would like to order and just send trough using whatsapp button bottom of this page.

How Do I Pay?

We accept Uk Bank Transfer and paypal.

How Much Is Postage?

All our prices includes delivery to uk for other countries please ask.

Do You Send Worldwide

Yes we send to most countries and continents as uk, europe, united states,

How Long Is The Postage?

Normally 1 to 2 weeks after posted trough royal mail but can be longer or quicker. Tracked online.

Do You Do Express delivery?

Yes we have express delivery as well thats usually 3 days to a week delivery. Calculated extra price depending on the goods you want to order and their weight.

What If My Parcel Doesnt Arrive?

We have sent more than 30k parcels till now over the years and only 1 got lost. In case of being lost we will resend your parcel.

What If My Parcel Gets Damaged Trough Post?

Dont Worry That is covered as well. If your parcel is damaged we will resend the item.

How Can I Trust You? 

We have been online as a shop since 2018 have 20000 people on our facebook groups, sent more than 50000 parcels till now and have loads of returning customers. Even made and sent 5,5k 3,5k 3k 2,5k 1,5k and many more diamond and gold jewellery. You can just read the reviews about us here.

Are Your Goods True To Size?

Yes all shoes are true to size and for the clothes we measure to chest or waist size before sending so no sizing problem.

What If They Dont Fit Me?

This is quite rare as we emasure before sending and even if they still dont fit we will sell your items to someone else and send you new sizes.

Do You Accept Returns?

Unfortunetly we dont accept returns back to turkey as postage prices are high and we also end up waiting a long time and end up paying custom charges.

What If Item Is Faulty?

They are all our own stocks that we send so we pack ourselfs and check before sending but still in case if the item is faulty we will send you another one.

Do You Do Bulk Orders?

Yes we have a lot of people ordering in bulk and selling over in their countries. Please just ask for bulk prices.


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